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Activities Program

Check out all our great activities below.

Kids Playing Soccer
Team Sports

Team Sports have been shown to be one of the best forms of social bonding for children. In addition to this they teach teamwork and increase a child's physical fitness. 

Child Activity
Motivational Talks

These talks not only communicate with children how to handle different situations such as school, friendship, bullies and work ethic but also are discussion based for kids to share their point of view.

Boys During a Sports Practice
Youth Speed & Agility

These help build a strong foundation for any sports team your child is a part of and will increase their coordination and body control. Increases in athleticism are shown to increase a person self confidence in addition to their health.

Engineering Robot Car
STEM Education

Science Technology Engineering and Math are the subjects that power the greatest advancements in History. Our coaches will teach basic principles and information in fun and interactive ways to foster the learning process in these critical areas.

Tae Kwan Do Boy Training
Martial Arts

Martial Arts Instructors will teach your kids a combination of Fitness, Flexibility and self-defense while earning rank. Martial arts have been shown to consistently be the best method for improving discipline and confidence in all age groups.

Children in Science Class
Arts and Craft

Giving children time to work together on art and crafts projects engages their creative imagination within the brain and teaches them how to bring their imagination to life.

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